100 Best Birthday Gift For Boyfriend under 50$ from Amazon : MegaList 2020

March 16, 2020 - birthday gifts
100 Best Birthday Gift For Boyfriend under 50$ from Amazon : MegaList 2020

We have collected a mega list of best birthday gifts for boyfiend below 50$ from Amazon and check the below collection list.

“A man is always more difficult, no tricks, no handbags bla bla bla ..” It’s not true!¬†

There are many gifts for men and we tell them all here ūüôā

Cheap birthday gifts for boyfriend under 50$

There are many cheap items that you can give to a man: here you will find those  from 3 to 30 $ , useful, fun and cute!

Do you want other low cost? Look at  all the cheap gifts  for those who want to make a nice but cheap gift.

small present for a birthday usb key simpson character

Pendrive Simpsons

  • For example, how about a¬†¬†USB stick in the shape of a Simpsons character¬†?
  • In the image the legendary Mr. Bruns, but all the characters are there
  • In the pendrive 8 GB of memory, a perfect little thought for the birthday of a man with a sense of¬†

neck warmer for motor scooter or running

Motorcycle neck warmer

  • You might think of a¬†¬†neck warmer¬†¬†for when you’re riding or running
  • It’s an original idea that doesn’t cost much
  • Insulating, breathable and warm, a nice thought to wrap

chef or chef headdress

Chef hat

  • How about a¬†¬†7$ chef hat¬†?
  • If he loves cooking, you will make him happy on such an important day for him
  • Adjustable and comfortable, you can give it to him at an affordable price

very convenient in-ear headphones

Samsung in-ear earphones

  • Here’s another idea: a pair of¬†¬†original earphones for 4$
  • For this small expense, a really useful gift
  • Light and comfortable, with their perfect ergonomics

funny gift for birthday

Funny shorts

  • There are also¬†¬†shorts with fun patterns ¬†around 8$
  • If he is a particular type and dresses eclectically, they will be fine
  • To stay young, regardless of the number of candles on the cake!

men's leather cuff

Leather bracelet

  • The¬† 5$¬†leather cuff bracelets¬†¬†are a cute little thought!
  • They exist in different styles, with and without pendants, with rope or metal additions, for all tastes
  • Choose the one that best reflects the personality of the birthday boy or girl

birthday gift for a DIY lover

Precision screwdriver kit

  • If he likes DIY jobs, a¬†¬†set of precision screwdrivers for only 11$¬†will make him happy.
  • These are useful for electronics jobs, therefore tablets, PCs and smartphones, but they are fine for a thousand jobs
  • An excellent choice, with great effect.¬†And you will have saved!

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Unique birthday Gifts for Boyfriend under 50$

Here are some fun and original ideas for him!

beer dispenser with plug for his birthday

Beer tap with plug

  • There is no man in the world who would not love this professional beer dispenser
  • A gift idea out of the ordinary, that will really tear him open-mouthed
  • Keeps the drinks constant, try it to believe it!

for a man who travels a lot the world map to be discovered in the points visited

Map to scratch

  • Do you love traveling?¬†With this gift, going home will also be satisfying
  • This “magic” map can be scratched by discovering the countries where our traveler has been
  • Under the golden layer, the nations are colored.¬†A very nice idea!

helmet of the birthday boy with beer holder and straw

Crazy helmet for beer

  • Exhilarating this helmet specially designed to drink beer without even raising your elbow!
  • It has side supports and a straw … and it’s too funny
  • The birthday boy will certainly remember this birthday … or maybe not?

hammock for two people man birthday gift idea

Hammock for two

  • And what do you think of a¬†¬†hammock¬†?¬†This is an original gift!¬†He must be a very lazy man, though.
  • He can put it in the garden or at home, it will create a relaxed and intimate atmosphere
  • This hammock is double, there can be two people

super cooler gift for a man

Fridge cellar

  • If he loves drinking good quality wines, this small appliance will make him happy
  • It keeps wines cool, is silent and consumes little.¬†Discrete LEDs and digital screen, beautiful!
  • Make sure it has enough space in the house, and add a bottle to inaugurate it

fun accessory for barbecues and barbecues

Ketchup gun

  • Is he really a prankster?¬†He will love this accessory!
  • Especially suitable for barbeque with friends, this gun shoots ketchup, mayonnaise and all other sauces
  • Impossible not to surprise him with this goliardic object

electric scooter original birthday gift idea


  • The most original gift I have seen is a¬†¬†hoverboard¬†, which allows you to move without walking, as well as the segway.
  • Latest fashion in terms of locomotion, the electric skateboard will be fine especially if he is a boy …
  • … but many adult men like it too!¬†A gift that combines business with pleasure, ecological, trendy and super technological

device for shiatsu massage on shoulders and back

Shiatsu massager

  • Do you often complain because you are tense on your shoulders?¬†Here is a beautiful¬†¬†shiatsu massager¬†¬†who will revive him!
  • This device is designed to perform a professional shiatsu massage on the shoulders and back
  • With the heat function, the massage will be even more pleasant .. what a treat!

for birthday wine lover thermometer bottle

Wine thermometer

  • If you want a gift that combines originality and usefulness, here you are served: the¬†external wine thermometer
  • Just add this semicircle around the bottle and it will measure the temperature of the wine
  • An accessory for true connoisseurs, also suitable for a mature man’s birthday

plier watermelon cutter birthday gift idea

Watermelon cutter

  • If it is always up to him to cut the watermelon, you can facilitate the task with a professional watermelon cutter
  • This pliers / knife is designed to guarantee safety and efficacy, with minimum effort
  • In stainless steel, it will help the birthday boy to make perfect portions of watermelon on hot summer evenings!

Funny apron

  • Always for experienced cooks, a fun idea is one of the many funny aprons available to make fun of it!
  • It will be exhilarating to see him cook with one of these aprons on, a nice idea not to take himself too seriously
  • There are sexy and less explicit, find the right one for him

gift for a fan of the netflix series

The Paper House T-Shirt

  • Are you a fan of this TV series?¬†Here is the gift that will leave you speechless!
  • This shirt seems made especially for fans of the genre
  • If he spends his evenings in front of Netflix, you can make him happy with a paltry figure

Technological gifts below 50$ for your Boyfriend’s birthday

Do you love technology? Here are some ideas for him!

new smart external speaker with assistant

Smart speaker

  • Those who love technology cannot fail to have this latest generation speaker at home
  • In addition to hearing music, this device answers questions, read the news, turns on the lights, radiators and smart objects present
  • He hears you from all over the house and executes your orders.¬†It is fantastic and in fact it is selling fast!

rechargeable station for 5 devices with table lamp

Multicharge lamp

  • Beautiful dimmable table lamp with 5 charging stations for all its devices
  • With this charging station it will stop losing cables and continuously search for electrical outlets
  • A contemporary design object that combines business with pleasure

case for tablets and documents

Tablet and documents holder

  • Another good gift idea is the organizer for tablets and documents
  • Includes space for tablet, smartphone, charger, dedicated compartments for business cards, pens, credit cards and notebook¬†
  • A zip closes everything safely, it is light and pleasant to the touch

activity tracker technological gift idea

Activity Tracker

  • One of the most appreciated gifts is the activity tracker bracelet to monitor activity, sleep hours and heart rate
  • You can set a target of daily steps and wake up gently when your sleep is lighter.¬†Adorable!
  • The price is really good for the capabilities of this very trendy little object

new super smart phone as a gift

Latest generation smartphone

  • Is your smartphone slow or old, or is it full of data and would you like a new one?
  • Here is one of the most venudti models, the Samsung Galaxy J6
  • Best value for money in its category, an excellent purchase

smartphone cover gift

Themed smartphone covers

  • You can get him a cover with iphone:¬†think about his main interest¬†¬†and find him a themed cover
  • For example an original dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci!
  • A nice little thought for its genealitic

mouse pad gift idea

Professional mouse pad

  • If you work a lot on the computer, whether you do it at home for passion or for work, you will certainly find this accessory very useful
  • Ergonomic and with gel wrist support, non-slip base for maximum comfort and relaxation of the hand and arm
  • The fabric and texture are designed to make the mouse slide more easily and make everything more relaxing for the joints involved¬†

technological gifts for a man's birthday

Pendrive Star Wars

  • Here’s a perfect little present for a nerd: the Star Wars-themed pendrive!
  • A technological man could be a fan of the famous Jedi saga, and then he will certainly appreciate this cute gift idea
  • Look at all the characters in the saga, there are many

tablet for a tech man's birthday


  • Don’t have a tablet yet?¬†It is the right occasion to give it to him!
  • Useful for children who reach the right age to have one, as well as for more mature men who do not miss any technological device
  • Smaller and lighter than the PC but larger than the mobile phone, it is often used in moments of relaxation but also for work

give him a smart watch


  • Clock with touch screen and many futuristic functions, which will drive him crazy with joy!
  • You can make calls, read messages, monitor sports activity, set alarms and much more at a very competitive price!
  • Check the compatible smartphone model!

car accessory to hold up your mobile phone

Car holder for mobile phone

  • This car accessory is very useful and it also increases safety while driving
  • With this support you can keep your smartphone in the desired position
  • It attaches to the dashboards and detaches easily, suitable for a man who spends a lot of time in the car

for him who is always running portable external battery

Portable battery Powerbank

  • Is he always in his heart and has a thousand things to do?¬†Surely he often finds himself with his cell phone empty
  • Give him the peace of mind to never run out of charge with this portable battery
  • External batteries for mobile are great gift ideas and are very useful

21st Birthday Gift ideas for your Boyfriend under 50$

Many birthday gifts for him may come from the world of fashion, accessories and “glamor”.¬†More and more men are fashion victims or at least like gifts of this type, so let’s take a look!

birthday gift idea Morellato necklace with central pendant

Necklace with pendant

  • Beautiful necklace with central element in the shape of an anchor¬†
  • With steel and crystal links and lobster clasp closure, very contemporary!
  • If he uses necklaces, he will like this Morellato creation

for birthday elegant man tie set

Oxford tie box

  • Tie, cufflinks, handkerchief and tie clip, all coordinated for an impeccable look
  • This elegant box is also suitable for the birthday of a father-in-law, a colleague, a brother-in-law or in any case if you are not too familiar with him
  • The casket makes an excellent impression, without spending a capital

gift idea for man denim jacket

Denim jacket

  • A timeless classic that adapts to all styles and also to all ages
  • Rigid denim ensures sufficient protection in the mid seasons¬†
  • Very fashionable in this period, among young and old

watch with double interchangeable leather strap

Watch with double strap

  • A timeless classic that adapts to all styles and also to all ages
  • Rigid denim ensures sufficient protection in the mid seasons¬†
  • Very fashionable in this period, among young and old

a classic and always useful gift for a man


  • Hoodies can never be had enough!
  • A timeless classic to be wrapped for the day of his genealitic
  • Soft, comfortable, excellent value for money

warm jacket man birthday gift idea

North Face warm jacket

  • Whether he turns the summer or the winter, such a gift will be greatly appreciated
  • This North Face jacket is completely waterproof, with warm and breathable padding
  • The particular technology maintains the right body temperature without limiting movements

pandora fashion men's birthday gifts

Pandora men’s bracelet

  • Now you can also give a man a bracelet of this beloved brand
  • There are also perfect pendants for him, to match
  • A trendy thought, perfect for a fachion-loving husband or boyfriend

leather messenger bag for businessman

Leather office bag

  • If he is an elegant man, a manager, or simply needs to carry documents and PCs, this is the right gift
  • Modern and refined design, high quality leather and excellent finishes
  • With shoulder strap, external pockets and internal compartments

gift idea birthday man trolley with 4 wheels

4 wheel trolley

  • Don’t have a 4-wheel trolley yet?¬†It’s time to give it to him!
  • This type of suitcase slides lightly and effortlessly on all surfaces thanks to the greater number of wheels
  • American Tourister is the most popular brand, there are many models available¬†

north face backpack of the moment

North Face backpack

  • The best-selling backpack of the moment, with a thousand tricks
  • Very comfortable, high quality padding and shoulder straps
  • Internal pockets and compartments of various sizes

set of suspenders and coordinated bow tie

braces and bow ties

  • If he has a slightly dandy style, these suspenders with bow ties will suit his taste
  • Two men’s accessories that are returning to fashion, in various colors
  • If the birthday boy is a little eclectic and original, it can be an excellent gift idea

trendy cufflinks with particular shapes

Trendy cufflinks

  • It is a real new fashion that of cufflinks with particular shapes, which reflect passions or sides of the character of the birthday boy
  • There are many types, with planes, lego bricks, soccer balls, Superman’s “S” and a thousand others
  • This pair, with the watch gear, is ideal for a mechanic or watch enthusiast

Birthday Gift for Boy Friend who loves Music

All men love to take their time¬†¬†to relax¬†, doing different things.¬†Let’s see what we can do for their free time.

wireless headphones for listening to music

Bose headphones

  • If this man loves music, especially if he is very young, these headphones are the best
  • Unrivaled quality, filters all the noises, the non plus ultra of music
  • Ideal as a gift for a boy’s 18 years

give him a CD or vinyl of his favorite artist

CD or Vinyl

  • How about a CD or vinyl from your favorite artist?
  • Maybe there is one last release that he might like or a genre that is rediscovering in this period
  • Take a look and find what you can buy him

for lazy man birthday pc pillow

Laptop stand for sofa

  • This comfortable cushion is stuffed with a table designed especially for laptops
  • It is so soft in the lower part that it can also be used as a pillow for sleeping
  • Useful for a man who loves to relax on the sofa while using his PC or tablet

for parties and moments of relaxation and fun with friends

Inflatable beer holder

  • Fun beer holder that swells and deflates, and keeps beers and drinks cool!
  • In the shape of a pint, it will be perfect for a birthday party, a barbeque or an evening with friends
  • Change your birthday with an inexpensive but impactful gift

for a 50 or 60 year old man's birthday

Record player

  • Here is something that for many represents a piece of heart and an avalanche of memories
  • A turntable is perfect as a gift for a man who turns 60, but also for a younger one
  • Wireless and high-tech speakers for this beautiful piece of wooden furniture

if he loves reading, give him a good book among the bestsellers

Bestseller book

  • Men like to read novels of action, mystery, fantasy and adventure
  • One of the most popular authors is Stephen King, but he is certainly not the only one!
  • You can search for the right book for him by browsing among the bestsellers of the moment, this is still a beloved horror

sound bar

Samsung Soundbar

  • A soundbar is a gift of great value, especially if the birthday boy likes to watch movies at home
  • All the latest technological discoveries to make him listen to sounds and music like he has never done
  • Also suitable for a birthday in a new home, or perhaps for the birthday of a man who turns 30

one of the last DVD or bluray released

DVD or Blueray

  • Most men love to hang out on the sofa and enjoy a good movie or TV series
  • In this case go ahead to the latest DVDs released, so you won’t risk duplication, or to Blue Ray, it depends on the preferred format.
  • Some idea?¬†Watch the most successful historical documentaries, thrillers, great classics, or TV series.

video games for birthday

Videogame latest releases

  • Here is the king of relaxation and sweet idleness: the video game
  • Gift suitable for men between 18 and 30 years old, but also something more
  • Check out the latest releases of the console he has at home, you will give him many hours of relaxation and fun

Birthday gifts for a Boyfriend or colleague under 50$

Are you a friend or colleague? Here are some gift ideas designed for the genealitic of this type of birthday boy

give your friend a kit to make beer at home

Kit for making beer

  • Do you like beer?¬†Give your friend this beautiful complete kit to make it at home for his birthday
  • Inside there is everything, cereals, yeasts, thermometer and fermenter, dispensers, caps and instructions in Italian
  • He will have fun and it will be a great satisfaction for him to drink his homemade beer

colleague birthday gift idea who loves sports and adventure

Sports and adventure experiences

  • There are several experience boxes of various types, for example if your colleague or friend is sporty you can choose this box
  • Paragliding, rafting, sports guide, climbing and much more, you can choose from 1000 activities
  • If you prefer a weekend at the beach or a Roman dinner, you can always change the box

for a colleague or friend on his birthday a wine decanter

Design decanter

  • Here is a perfect present for a wine lover on his genealitic day
  • Great for a young birthday but also for those who celebrate 40 and over, age in which we begin to appreciate wine even more
  • Also nice to display, with this particular and modern design

gift idea for a friend or colleague's birthday

Kindle Paperwhite

  • If this friend or colleague has not yet tried to read in this futuristic way, it is time to give him an e-reader
  • Light and restful for the eyes, it can hold thousands of books
  • It resists water, it is thin and very comfortable

birthday gift for photography lovers

Photographic backpack

  • This backpack is designed for a photography lover who uses an SLR
  • Inside there are various compartments for lenses, flash, accessories and even a mac or ipad
  • Breathable and balanced, a very nice thought for your friend

author book famous photographs


  • Some photo books are particularly popular, such as McCurry’s
  • A gift that is also good for people with whom you are not too confident
  • Perfect for a fan of auteur photography

smartphone holder accessory for sporty man

Armband for Runner

  • If you run regularly you can think of a¬†smartphone armband
  • Comfortable and ergonomic, in materials resistant to water and sweat
  • It also has some pockets for keys and earphones

Gift ideas for the birthday of your boyfriend below Fifty Dollar

For your beloved’s birthday, you need to think of something special that shows all your love for him!

wireless apple earphones for husband or boyfriend birthday

AirPods Wireless Earphones

  • This is a mister gift!¬†These gorgeous Apple earphones are the non plus ultra
  • Audio quality is light years above all other models and their comfort reveals a careful study of ergonomics
  • Fast charging, wireless, design, your gift for your loved one will be unbeatable!

set of beard care accessories

Beard care kit

  • Wears a beard, and maybe you like it a lot?¬†A complete beard set will be a highly appreciated gift!
  • Comb, scissors and shaving brush, essential oil and shampoo, all specially designed for your man’s beard, goatee or mustache¬†
  • There is even a form to facilitate cutting and an e-book

magnetic bracelet for screws and small metal parts

Magnetic cuff

  • Here is a birthday gift for your man that a DIY enthusiast will use a lot: the magnetic wristband
  • This band contains some magnets that hold small metal objects, screws, screwdrivers, pins and more tightly
  • It also has two pockets for non-metallic objects.¬†Really cute and original

magic box with romantic writing inside

Puzzle box

  • Does your love like puzzles?¬†This box will amuse you, because you have to find a way to open it
  • Inside you can hide a small object meaningful to you, or nothing, because when it opens it will read “I love you”.¬†Adorable!
  • It can be used to store small items

apron glove and dish cloth set by simpsons

Perfect man set

  • This cooking set is unique!¬†In fact, there is the press of the most famous barbecue fan: Homer Simpson
  • The word “the last perfect man” tells him with a little humor how much he is the best man in the world as he is
  • A way to be romantic but with lightness and irony

designer thermal bottle for birthday husband or environmental friend

Water bottle and Zen infuser

  • Superb this bottle with infuser, in stainless steel and bamboo
  • The oriental design, the natural colors and the “only love” writing make it a perfect gift
  • If your life partner has particular attention to the environment, he will like this thermal bottle

magnetic keychain for couple in the shape of a piglet

Piglets in love

babydoll to wear for him on the evening of his birthday

You in babydoll

  • No, we have not made the wrong section, even if you will wear this babydoll, it will be the best gift for him
  • Open on the front, in mesh and lace, a perfect surprise for her birthday
  • Turn down the lights, wear this beautiful garment and the birthday boy will be in paradise!

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