How to Say Wishes for Happy Birthday in Spanish Song

January 10, 2015 - birthday songs, birthday wishes
How to Say Wishes for Happy Birthday in Spanish Song

Do you want to wish your friends, sister and brother happy birthday in Spanish language or songs, but you are not aware of how to say Happy birthday wishes in Spanish ? Do not worry because in this post I’ve collected several birthday songs, poems and wishes that can be said in Spanish easily without any discomfort.

There are many ways to find out the Spanish to English translation online tools for the Spanish version of happy birthday but many are not aware of that. Google translate is the official tool that can convert English version of birthday wishes to happy birthday Spanish. Also read how to wish happy birthday in foreign languages.

How do you Wish for Happy Birthday in Spanish ( Song and poem) :

  1. Word 1 : Happy birthday
    Spanish Translation for Happy Birthday : feliz cumpleaños 
  2. word 2 : Happy birthday to you
    Translated Version : feliz cumpleaños a ti
  3. Word 3 : Wish you a  happy birthday
    in Spanish : Si desea un feliz cumpleaños

How to say Happy Birthday in Spanish for Sisters, Friends and Brother :

ok now enough of wishes. How do you say quotes in Spanish for happy birthday ? if you’re not a native Spanish guy/girl then you can learn Spanish in just 60 days there are lot of book available online.

To wish someone Happy birthday quotes in Spanish then here are their meaning and translations :

¡Feliz día! Esperamos que pases un día muy feliz en compañía de amigos y familiares

Birthday greetings! We hope you have a great day with all your friends and family. 

Dios bendiga tu cumpleaños! Que tus sueños se conviertan en realidad

We wish you a blessed birthday! May your dreams become reality.

Quisiéramos enviar nuestras felicitaciones . Muchas felicidades!

We would like to send you our congratulations. Much happiness!

How to Sing Happy Birthday in Spanish *Song* :

Ok if you are aware of the happy birthday song in English :

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear (NAME)
Happy birthday to you

Here is the Spanish translation for the Happy birthday song :

Cumpleaños feliz
Cumpleaños feliz
Te deseamos todos
Cumpleaños feliz

Here’s the video song to sing happy birthday lyrics in Spanish.

Now you’ve learnt how to spell happy birthday in Spanish but if you want to give greetings cards to your friends or send wallpapers in Spanish ? 

Best Online Greeting Cards for happy birthday cards in Spanish :

1.Funny Happy birthday Wishes Greeting Card in Spanish

how to say happy birthday in spanish


2. Happy birthday quotes in Spanish greeting cards and wallpapers

happy birthday song in spanish

3. Happy birthday Spanish Greeting online E-Card and Wallpaper in HD

feliz cumpleanos happy birthday in spanish


These are all the ways you can say and wish Happy birthday wishes in Spanish Language and if you have enjoyed the post then don’t forget to have a look at the other articles from the Happy birthday greetings section.

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