How to wish a happy birthday late

July 29, 2014 - birthday wishes
How to wish a happy birthday late

Forget the birthday of someone special can cause embarrassment or panic. Instead, take a deep breath and decides the best way to wish a happy late birthday. If you just forgot or did you have more serious problems that prevented you to send your birthday greeting on time, compensate with a late happy birthday wish.

How to Wish a Happy Birthday the Next Day if you had Forgot

  1. Decide how you would give your late birthday wishes.Common methods include telephone calls, visits or cards or greeting cards.

  2. Explain what made the happy birthday wish to fall behind if you feel compelled. For example, you can say to your brother, “I’m sorry I did not call yesterday but I was in meetings all day. Late Happy Birthday.”

  3. Choose a greeting card made specifically for Happy belated birthday wish.

  4. Write a note or poem on a nice paper or inside a birthday card that you’ve purchased but have not sent in time. For example: “I had this strong feeling that I forgot something the other day, but you know me, and you know how my mind often wanders Finally I remembered, it was your birthday I wish you a happy belated birthday.”.

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