10 Best Birthday Gifts, Gift Ideas for Women and Men

October 12, 2015 - birthday gifts
10 Best Birthday Gifts, Gift Ideas for Women and Men

Personalised birthday gifts always give a special touch to the holidays but if you’re like me Worried all the time, that’s what my friend need and most of the time I stay almost no time to give the gift. Therefore I decided to keep in mind certain ready-made ideas and characterise them with my friends there. That’s the important part.

Offer your friend, something that will be useful, he can use in their daily lives. Personalised gifts are gifts that mean something to the person to whom you give it, it’s not something you go to the store and solve a couple of minutes. Therefore, look at this list that I have prepared. I hope it helps you

Top 10 Birthday Gifts and Ideas for Women, Men:

Here are few top interesting Birthday Gifts for women and this list goes on…

1. Handmade Gifts :

best gifts for women

If your friend likes to knit, sew, embroider or create bullrings hand why not?Handmade gifts are a great idea for personalized birthday gifts for those who like working with their hands and use your imagination. Your friend will love it because she will know how much time you dedicate to it. Consider knitting a blanket, or sew a bag for her. Make sure it is the color that she likes. That detail will love it, because you will realize that you listen.

2. Photo Album:

birthday gifts for womenbirthday gifts for women

If it’s a friend, with whom they have a friendly relationship of many years, he believes that creating an album full of photos, with comments that say about their relationship all these years, it’s perfect. It’s like a walk back in time. Birthdays are one comes forward. But we are all where we came. This idea I like, because I remember all those beautiful moments that have passed through our lives. But if we give feedback to those photos, I would like an extra touch your heart.

3. Minute of Life:

As estimates show him her and how grateful these through his friendship. Minute of Life will give you that possibility. Because there you can create a video message or photo slideshow Augmented Reality, which can devote to it for his birthday. In addition, by creating this message, you have the chance to give it the same day as his birthday and when you enter. Already this service gives you the ability to send messages to the future. Note that these messages can be not only meet congratulations. But also, for the Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas and many other topics. Goes to that page and see. Everything is free and she will see your message stay well excited.

4. A written letter:

As the postcards are very popular, handwritten letters are as well, but these feel more feeling and attention. Write him in that letter a beautiful desires, some good memories, make her memorable. You do not need to write a novel, just be grateful that person for their friendship. I like to keep my postcards and birthday cards for those reasons. It gives you great excitement, when after years you reach those letters and cards from the closet and start to read. So this gift is best.

5. An Exit:

Invite your best friend on her birthday. Do something together, go out, spend a nice and funny evening or day. A good idea would be to go to a salon or go to have a good time at a restaurant. Why not paint pottery together? Whatever you want to do both. Let her decide what you want.

6. Passion:

bday gifts for loverWhat is your passion? I recently gave my colleague and friend of room a sloth (lazy) for his birthday. I know she was crazy for having this beautiful pet animal. So I had to go far to get it. Think what the passion of your friend, that’s what she wants and is more so. This will show that your you pay attention, you care and admire its decisions.

7. Gift Card:

best birthday gifts for women

If I had not had time to buy or create a gift. give her a gift card. this card is sure to frequent a place she goes and does her shopping there. Starbucks say, if your friend is a fan of coffee. You can even go with her if you want. So there will only be a gift card because of his interest but a present that both can share. This is a good gift for breaks. As for example if your friend is fixed client Olive Garden. It would be nice to invite her to her favorite place.

8. A night at home with your best friends:

best birthday gifts for men

A nice gift would organize a party at home. Where will only closest friends. And a good night all together. They could devote to see a movie of your friend has talked a lot but has not seen it yet, perhaps a classic Audrey Hepburn or the last of Jennifer Lawrence. Home an order takeout for all you can relax totally. Or they could take a bath lotions SPA salt in the house, so that all can relax after a week of work. No matter what it is. But she will love it.

Well planned custom gifts have always been a good idea. I realized that I, Cundo saw the great satisfaction that I get when I make my such gifts. What do you think is the benefit of personalized birthday gifts? Do you have any suggestion? Well, if you have something to add or comment, do not hesitate to leave your comment.Gladly I read it and I will give answers to any questions they may have related to this issue. The best things about birthday gifts for women is that you can have variety of choices.

What Birthday Gifts Ideas works Great for Men and Women?

Useful Gifts

A useful gift is one that a man can often use for their daily or almost daily activities easier.Such gifts include accessories for things you already own, such as speakers to match with an mp3 player, a holder for business cards, a remote control to control your computer from a distance or money clip. These gifts may not seem sentimental or romantic. But they are among the best, and he sure will think of you every time you use them.

Handmade gifts

A gift that is handmade is one of the best gifts you can give to a boyfriend. This demonstrates thoughtful creativity and the time and effort to make him happy. Some of the best ideas for handmade gifts beyond scrapbook and woven blanket that could give his mother. Instead, a collage of appointments with their favorite lines and some photos, a calendar with a photographic memory for each month or a friendship bracelet will remind her true love.


Surprises top the list of the best birthday gifts for a boyfriend because they are unexpected and can be totally romantic. Some ideas are driving on a treasure hunt in which he locates a gift at the end, like tickets to a live concert or a box of his favorite snacks and DVDs. Surprises take some planning, but do not have to be extravagant. It is doing something outside the norm, such as cooking pancakes for breakfast or enroll in classes rock climbing. No matter what, never forget the feeling of being caught off guard.


For people who are busy or very involved socially, a getaway is a perfect birthday gift. Nothing compares to have alone time, so this is one of the best gifts to give. With a small budget, a simple camping trip or a day of rest in a local hotel can achieve the goal. For larger budgets a weekend trip to a quiet village distant may be just what he needs.

In addition you also like to receive young girls, gift suggestions and new ideas.Since I am planning to create a new article about birthday gifts for women and friends. But this list will be of the best gifts you give me suggestions. So I hope your comments below.

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