Best Gift Ideas for Female Friends 50th Birthday Celebration 2020

March 29, 2020 - birthday gifts
Best Gift Ideas for Female Friends 50th Birthday Celebration 2020

Gift Ideas for Female Friends 50th Birthday

The milestone of 50 years is important for every woman because it marks the achievement of full maturity. But what to give?


In spite of what you think, a woman can feel freer than she was when she was young. In fact, in most cases, the children have now reached their independence and therefore, the woman has more time to enjoy her job but above all her home and hobbies.

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Chocolate fountain … for the sweet tooth!


Chocolate fountain. A gift that will make the sweet tooth happy, perfect for evenings with friends. A nice and original gift idea!

Christmas double duvet cover

Dolcenotte Christmas double duvet cover


Christmas double duvet cover Dolcenotte, a set that incorporates the designs of South Tyrol, perfect for the Christmas and winter period in general.

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Raclette plate: surprise at the table!


The raclette plate: for alternative dinners with friends. Perfect for all lovers of cheese and good food

Christmas gifts for mom - Salt ball lamp

Sphere-shaped Himalayan salt lamp


Himalayan salt lamp. A beautiful lamp to look at and with beneficial properties. The ideal gift for those who like to take care of themselves!

Small candle holder lamp

Small candle holder lamp


Cute and original, the small candle holder lamp has become a cult object, creating a welcoming atmosphere thanks to the soft lighting.

Folding table for notebook

Folding notebook table in bamboo, with fans


What’s better than giving an object that can allow you to use your computer comfortably sitting on the bed or sofa without running into overheating problems.

The little man infuser

Infuser the little man Mr. Tea


An accessory born from the great creativity of a group of American boys, who created a brand known and appreciated all over the world …

Mom birthday gift

Mom birthday gift


Many different objects, for different types of mothers, from the most refined to the most carefree; many types of mom birthday gift, for every personality! source

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Friend gift ideas


For all tastes, from the fashion passionate friend to the one with the suitcase always ready, and for all budgets, here are our friend gift ideas for you!

Chocolate bath set

Chocolate bath set – Greedy gift idea


With the chocolate bath set, you will take care of your body without jeopardizing your fitness. Pleasure and line are guaranteed!

Birthday friend gift ideas

Birthday friend gift ideas


Lots of friendly, nice, original and all trendy gift ideas. Look what we have found for you, there is, is for all occasions!

Superman superhero apron

Superheroes Apron – Funny gadgets for the kitchen


The superhero apron is an all-wearing gadget because it will protect your clothes from any splash of gravy or other super oily food!

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Original gifts for her!


A selection of original gifts for her … nice, captivating, greedy, romantic! There really is something for everyone!

Vespa bedside alarm clock - Red

Vespa bedside alarm clock – in many colors!


Do you want one of the finest pieces of Italian design directly to your home? The Vespa bedside alarm clock is the perfect gadget for you!

50's kitchen apron

50’s kitchen apron


The 50’s kitchen apron adds a touch of refinement to every woman who wants to feel beautiful even behind the stove.

Love mug

Love mug


The Love mug will give a love imprint to your day! Have breakfast with her and you will immediately feel pampered. A romantic and original gift idea. Also read : gift ideas.

Scarf holder

Scarf holder


The scarf holder is the indispensable gadget for her who loves to wear the scarf, a classy accessory that enriches her casual or evening wear.

Double grain dispenser

Cereal dispenser, single and double


Single or double grain dispenser, so you don’t get caught off guard and start your day with a rich and adequate breakfast!

Little Red Riding Hood salt and pepper shaker

Little Red Riding Hood salt and pepper shaker


With the Little Red Riding Hood salt and pepper shaker, your kitchen becomes the set of a fairy tale, a fun gadget for those who love fairy tales or for those with children.

Bluetooth lock for luggage

Bluetooth lock for luggage


Bluetooth lock for luggage: you can travel without worries: no lock code to remember or keys to carry with you.

Bread leavening basket

Bread leavening basket


The leavening basket for bread allows perfect leavening and gives the bread the desired shape. Available in many sizes and shapes.

Blanket with sleeves

Blanket with sleeves: warm and enveloping


This sleeve blanket allows you to read a good book, use your cellphone or laptop with your arms warm. Beautiful and useful gift idea for Christmas and for the whole winter.

Wellness gift ideas

Wellness gift ideas


Many wellness gift ideas for everyone, from the lover of natural products to those who simply want to enjoy a moment of relaxation.

Map with message - Rose

Map with message


A seedling with message to communicate your deepest thoughts to a loved one. So many different messages for every occasion.

Bouquet of Chupa Chups

Bouquet of Chupa Chups


The bouquet of Chupa Chups, a nice gift idea for a girlfriend who loves sweets instead of the usual flowers, for a child and for all gourmands!

Colored shower cap - Cake

Colored shower cap


The colored shower cap is the must-have accessory that will put the wearer in a good mood. Available in 3 models: cake, frog and duck.

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Refined and elegant jewelry tree


On the jewelry tree, particular fruits that have never been seen before have just sprung up: they resemble the chains, necklaces, bracelets and earrings of your …

Magic tree Sakura

Magic tree Sakura


Magic tree Sakura, an explosion of color that heralds the arrival of spring. Be captivated by the charm of Japan and its delicacy.

Keychain for the family

Key rings for the family and the couple


A nice keychain house in two versions, one for a large family and one for the couple. Small house and keyring both in wood.

Japanese lunch box

Japanese lunch box


Japanese lunch box, a nice and original idea for those who bring lunch to the office or school. Oriental design, elegant and refined.

Christmas gifts for mom - Lectern for kitchen

Kitchen lectern: recipe book, Ipad and tablet


This bamboo kitchen lectern is perfect for both recipe books and more modern tablets. Indispensable object for those who love to experiment in the kitchen.

Platinum rose

Platinum rose: romantic and eternal


Platinum rose is an eternal, sensual and romantic gift. A delicate thought, perfect for women of all ages and for any occasion.

Key for Ipad, Iphone and laptop

Key for iPad, iPhone, laptop …


Free the memory of your devices quickly and easily with the iPad, iPhone and laptop key. Available in 32 and 64 giga, many colors.

Self-locking shoe laces

Self-locking shoe laces


Without the self-locking shoe laces your walk is not safe: how many times and especially in the least suitable moments have the shoes …

Feather bookmark by Kosha

Feather bookmark by Kosha


Feather bookmark by Kosha, refined and elegant, will mark the reading with grace. A timeless bookmark, perfect Christmas, graduation, birthday gift.

Christmas gifts for mom - Evening dress apron

“Evening dress” apron


With the “Evening dress” apron, whoever wears it will always make a great impression, even behind the stove. A nice and useful gift for all women.

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Cup with ring


The cup with a ring yes I want it is the ideal gadget to always feel positive when offering a good coffee

Auna internet radio

Auna internet radio


Auna internet radio, elegant and retro design ‘. Very high sound quality. Sophisticated piece of furniture for an office or professional studio.

Original kitchen apron

Original kitchen apron


Suck Uk Apron Cooking Guides kitchen apron, with cooking instructions printed in English.

Triblade immersion mixer

Triblade immersion mixer: for the queen of the kitchen!


Undecided on what to give to your moms or your partner for their party?

LED wall clock

Wall or table LED clock


An original design LED wall or table clock: the numbers are bright and written in letters, on a black background. Gift idea for creatives.

Christmas gifts for mom- USB lamp with vase

USB lamp with vase


USB lamp with pot, to have a seedling always next to you even during work. Gift idea for a colleague and for those who love nature.

Funny photo accessories

Funny photo accessories


Funny photo accessories, a must have for any self-respecting party. Lots of accessories to have fun with friends by taking selfies and witty photos.

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Perpetual calendar Fiat 500


The perpetual Fiat calendar will never run out, it will keep you company year after year. A gift with a vintage taste for lovers of cars or the legendary 500!

Click & Grow Smart garden

Click & grow smart garden


Click & grow smart garden, it is designed for those who do not have space to keep medicinal plants at home or for business travelers … It manages itself!

Christmas gifts for mom - Chef hat for mom

Chef’s hat for mom: witty gift idea


Chef’s hat for mom, a nice and original gift to celebrate your mom on every occasion. An economic and effective gift.

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Beach bag with mat


The beach bag with mat will be your companion during the hot summer days spent at the sea or lake. Beautiful, elegant and practical.

Touch screen gloves

Touch screen gloves: keep your hands warm!


Smartphones and tablets are now available to everyone and when winter comes we experience the dilemma of a phone in your pocket or frozen hands to …

Beats Dr Dre Solo 2 headphones - White

Beats Dr Dre Solo 2 headphones: for unmatched sound!


Beats Dr Dre Solo 2 headphones: top quality music! Those who receive them as a gift will be amazed by the great sound quality of these Dr. Dre headphones.

Handpresso Wild

Handpresso Wild: a creamy espresso wherever you are!


We all have that friend who can’t help but drink at least 4 or 5 coffees a day, a real addiction ….

Citrus juicer bottle

Citrus Zinger juicer bottle


We present today the Zing Anything juicer bottle, the innovative juicer bottle that will really make everyone happy!

Essential oil diffuser and humidifier

Essential oil diffuser and humidifier


Elegant, useful and refined the VictSing essential oil diffuser and humidifier.

Kamira espresso machine

Kamira espresso machine


The Kamira espresso machine allows you to prepare excellent coffees as good as at the bar

Trolley Horn suitable Ryanair

Trolley Horn suitable Ryanair


Giving a trolley is definitely a great idea when it comes to a special occasion, such as a girl’s graduation.

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Bag organizer: password … practicality!


Here is one of the moments most feared by you, man of all times and latitudes: you are about to exceed the hour of delay for the event …

Kitchen measuring cups

Matrioska-shaped kitchen measuring cups


Matryoshka shaped measuring cups for kitchen, cute and useful.

Aries popcorn machine

Aries popcorn machine


The Ariete popcorn machine is the gift idea for those who want to combine practicality and speed in the preparation of popcorn without giving up a dietetic and healthy food.

Steamer basket

Steamer basket, a classic of Asian cuisine


Paderno Steam cooker, a steaming basket made entirely of bamboo

Luminous floor Led Huion

Led light plane… for creatives of all ages


Sometimes it is much more difficult to make a gift to a person who has a particular passion. Does your partner love to draw?

Wall panel Tree of Life

Wall panel Tree of life


By giving this fantastic wall panel you will be sure to give great value to those who will receive your gift

Natural wax candle

Flavored natural wax candle


Handmade candle. For those who love natural and refined products, this candle will certainly not disappoint expectations. A beautiful and refined gift.

Christmas gifts for mom - Heart shaped coasters

Heart-shaped coasters: utility and elegance at the table


Heart-shaped coasters. A gift for all romantic women, for a friend, wife, girlfriend … Beautiful and original.

Silicone pot lid

Silicone piglet lid: fun in the kitchen!


Silicone pot lid in the shape of a piglet, a nice gift for mom or for all your friends who love to cook.

Sushi making machine

Perfect Roll Sushi making machine


Sushi making machine. An original gift for cooking lovers, perfect for preparing sushi but also the most traditional rolls.

Ice ball molds

Molds for ice balls: free rein to the imagination!


Ice cube mold to create long lasting mega cubes and cool your drinks without watering them. Also perfect for whiskey!

Christmas gifts for mom - Umbrella changes color

Umbrella changes color


Umbrella changes color. A nice and original idea to give a touch of color to the gray rainy days: the flowers are colored when it rains!

Luminous world globe

Luminous globe: a touch of class!


Luminous globe, a classy gift to furnish the home and stimulate the imagination. Perfect for those who love to travel, even if only with imagination!

Wireless sensor plants

Parrot Flower Power: the easy and smart wireless sensor for plants


Parrot Flower Power wireless plant sensor. For all plant lovers, a smart and modern gift. Don’t miss it!

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Homedics warming shiatsu massager: help your body


Homedics warming shiatsu massager. The perfect gift for those who love to be massaged. A personal masseur whenever you want!

Coloring books for adults

Coloring books for adults: relax by coloring!


The coloring books for adults are designed to entertain and relax. Secret Garden will amaze you with its beautiful and detailed images.

Philips digital photo frame

Philips digital photo frame: always remember photos with you


Philips digital photo frame. To always have an eye on our favorite photos. Perfect as a gift for a friend or loved one.

IGadgitz Xtra portable luggage weigher

IGadgitz Xtra portable luggage weigher: technological and always with you!


Weighing portable electronic suitcases. A useful and nice idea for those who love to travel so that they can always keep an eye on the weight of their suitcase.

camera lomography diana f +

Lomography Diana F + camera


After years of continuous technological development that has radically changed the way we do and think photography, a pleasant leap in time with …

Rosenthal bag flower vase

Rosenthal bag flower vase: elegant and refined


Rosenthal bag flower vase. Refined and elegant, it adapts to any type of environment. Perfect gift for a friend who loves quality products.

Headphones clears Bose noise

Headphones clears Bose noise


Bose noise canceling headphones: the perfect gift for those who love listening to music without external noise influences. Also perfect for resting in silence.

Utensil for making fresh homemade cheese

Utensil for making fresh homemade cheese


The tool for making fresh cheese at home is simple to use and also very inexpensive. Perfect gift idea for Christmas and 1000 other occasions!

Aries yoghurt maker

Yogurt maker Aries: fresh yoghurt do it yourself


The Ariete Yogurella 85 yoghurt maker is an easy to use product that will give you fresh yogurt in just 12 hours. Perfect for those who love natural products.

Spice rack

Qualy spice rack: to give flavor with style


Qualy’s spice racks are furnishing items as well as useful accessories. Many different spice holders with a new, nice and original design.

Kenwood cooking chef

Kenwood cooking chef: the all-rounder in the kitchen


Kenwood cooking chef is an all-rounder of the well-known Kenwood brand. Perfect for those who love to cook or need help in the kitchen.

Trolley suitcases

Trolley cases: a set for all needs!


Trolley suitcases: a set for all needs. Practical, functional, robust and elegant, with combination, designed for those who love to travel safely.

2000 pieces Ravensburger puzzle

2000 pieces Ravensburger puzzle: create the New York skyline!


2000 Piece Ravensburger Puzzle: Create the New York Skyline! For all puzzle fans, here’s a challenge to take on the fly! Ravensburger Quality.

Massage and heating chair: the perfect combination!  woman gift ideas

Massage and heating chair

A massage and heating armchair perfect for those who love to relax in front of the television or read a book in comfort.

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