Funny ways to wish someone a happy birthday

July 29, 2014 - birthday greetings
Funny ways to wish someone a happy birthday

When someone’s birthday comes only wish “Happy Birthday” may not be enough. A technique with more humor for the special day celebrated may be a better way to do it. Happy birthday wish someone can help you to remember this day.

Funny ways to wish someone a happy birthday

Singing telegram

A singing telegram you want to held a happy birthday can be amazing, interesting and possibly a little embarrassing. Whether you singing telegram at work, at a party or at home, is sure to be an experience you will not soon forget. The characters include telegrams sung in a variety of disguises, like a bag lady with a doctor, a pink gorilla and even a chicken. Prices vary depending on the company but typically cost more than $ 100.

Video for birthdays

Send an Internet video can be an economical way to send a fun greeting. Many videos can be sent for free. is only one site that offers a variety of videos for birthdays, from cartoon characters singing birthday songs to a play. Copy the link and post it on the profile of the social network or email concluded.


There are many fun and free e-cards available for those held. For cards with humor that are most common for adults, enters You may be able to post cards in the social network site’s celebrated, but more likely you have to email them.

Jokes everywhere

If you know where you will be a person over his birthday, or at least know one or two people who can help you, keep in mind a little joke almost every place will be the one held in the big day.For example, at home in the morning, if you eat breakfast, put blue dye usually use several things, like milk or bread. Put a cushion prank on the driver’s seat of his car. In their work, set the images to your screen saver images that may never use, such as pictures of teddy bears. On the way home from work, if routinely uses the kitchen sink, put tape on the hose, then point it to spray it properly when you open the tap. In every joke, write “Happy Birthday” on a piece of paper and put it where you can see it.


If you have time and you can enter the house of the celebrated, inflate as many balloons as you can and fill a room in the house. For example if you have limited time and money, full bath. Otherwise, try to fill a larger room as the room. You must move all the balloons or invest a little time to exploit all.

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