Happy Birthday Messages and SMS for Friends, Lover

July 27, 2014 - happy birthday messages
Happy Birthday Messages and SMS for Friends, Lover

Happy birthday wishes, messages and SMS are used to wish your friends, parents, lover, boy or girlfriends during their birthday. Here I’m providing the best happy birthday message and sms for your friends to wish. Birthday greetings you’ll get many, but this one is made of love!Not the gift that counts but the love behind it!

Birthday recipe: 10 Spoon zest, 250g happiness, health 1 pound, 10 drops of humor! Congratulations on your birthday!

Hey, you plum! You’re getting more mature and more mature and plums, are you fallen fruit. Well, that can also still be quite tasty. Congratulations on your birthday!

Wish Happy Birthday Messages and SMS for Friends, Lover :

Because I can not sing well, I send you this message. I wish you health, success and happiness to you today … and not to!

Today 26 years ago was a baby approached without socks without shoes, love mouse that was you! All the best on your special day!

The day brings a new life, a new light and 25 years ago, because he made you! Congratulations on your birthday!

You have to be something very special real! Today, 12,502,723 people have happy birthday. But I only thought of you! 

Birthday right now a lot of happiness and joy! The future may bring health and only good above all.

160 small characters that you achieve with this SMS, you now want to warmly greet you to sweeten the birthday. Congratulations on your birthday!

After congratulating me is to mute, I congratulate you: Happy!

Hey, you plum! You will always mature and ripe plums and You are windfalls.Well, that can also still be quite tasty. 

All the best wish for you I, for another 100 years on earth here!

Messages and SMS for Joyful Birthday wishes :

The usefulness of life lies not in its length but in its application. Some counts many years and yet has only lived a short time! 

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Easter, oh no, it’s already time again, you’ve got birthday. So happy new years!

Stay merry, bright and cheerful, like a fish and do not go under!

A year older, do not take it so hard and you get your faxes, because otherwise you’re an adult.

An angel is looking down from above, quickly catching the stars that sing merrily a song for you, simply because you exist.

Birthday I congratulate you today ‘, and tell you that I am pleased. 25 years is not nothing, you also keep your own style!

Well, that would be ridiculous if I had not thought of you today, to love with warm regards, Your sweeten birthday.

I wish you to weigh Fixed all the very best and also, this is quite clear: Happy new years!

You realize that you’re getting older when the birthday candles cost more than the cake.

Health is the real thing, in this sense, many years! Much love and Happy Birthday!

I bought ROMANCE AND COURTESY so that you can use with your loved ones. The store had a large jar of PRIDE, but I would not buy it, because I think it will not be useful. I bought boxes of LOVE and PEACE and HOPE for the use when all seems lost. Do you know? in the store I saw something very sad … I saw many people buying SOLEDAD … such was the sale of this product, which sold out. But, instead, I bought two large packages FRIENDSHIP and FELLOWSHIP. Finally, I bought a big HEART, so you can save all these gifts! Happy Birthday

Hope you’ve wished your friends with these happy birthday messages and sms. Share it on the on the internet and make everyone happy.

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