“Best” Happy Birthday Wishes for Friends, Lover and Parents

January 15, 2015 - birthday wishes
“Best” Happy Birthday Wishes for Friends, Lover and Parents

Do you want to wish funny happy birthday wishes for friends and parents? One of the most important events in the life of an individual is the day of his birth, the date on which we remember every 365 days and took the opportunity to entertain their birthday with gifts, support and good wishes of special birthday for this day Today we bring you good phrases congrats meets to devote to your friend (friend) on that special day. remember that these can easily be supplemented with a surprise gift, so there are no excuses and you know if you’re looking congratulatory phrases, as always cuddle here.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Friends and Parents

Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Brothers and Sisters

  1. Every year is a new experience that brings you closer to your ultimate goal. Each obstacle is only somewhat increases your score.
  2. Congratulations! you have a nice birthday, you know that I love you and I deeply hope that you continue being the wonderful person you are.
  3. The fine words are not sincere, honest words are not smart and that’s why you just say Happy Birthday!
  4. Your friendship is so important to me that I would share with you another thousand years … Happy Birthday!
  5. Today is a very special day, today you turn another year and come with new opportunities to make your wishes come true and enjoy new experiences, happy birthday funny wishes.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Lovers, Boyfriend and Girlfriend

happy birthday wishes for friends, lover, parents

A year has gone, the wrinkles on the face and gray hairs have appeared. Things are changing, but the one thing that will never change is our relationship, our friendship, wrinkles or gray hair does not matter to me. All that matters is you.
I wanted to congratulate you with a super special gift for your birthday, but I had a problem … How do I wrap a hug and a sweet kiss?
When I met you you were a sweet doll, the years have passed and the doll has become a sweet woman. Best wishes and all your dreams are fulfilled.
I want to make this special day for you, because you are very special to me. May you have many more special days to deliver, happy day

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