How to say “Happy Birthday” in ASL

July 29, 2014 - birthday wishes
How to say “Happy Birthday” in ASL

When a person can not hear sounds, is considered deaf. The deaf do not communicate with their voices but with their hands; This is called sign language.People can also use this language if they have the gift of speech, but can hear. If you have a deaf or dumb friend whose birthday is coming up, learn to say “Happy Birthday” in American Sign Language (ASL, for its acronym in English).

happy birthday in asl

Instructions to Say Happy Birthday in ASL

  1. Place both hands in front of your chest, palms towards it.The idea is that your fingers touch each other, but ok if your thumbs are raised up or at a slight angle. A hand will be against the left side of your chest and the other over the right side. Your hands do not touch each other.

  2. Tap your chest twice with the inside of your hands, moving them in a circular fashion. Want to touch your chest with both hands simultaneously. This is the sign “Happy“.

  3. Lower your left hand and touch your left shoulder with your right hand twice. Do this in the same way you played your chest to say “Happy”. This is the sign for “Birthday“.

  4. Make two signs together and you’ll be saying “Happy Birthday” in ASL correctly.

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