First Birthday Gift for Husband/Wife After Wedding

First Birthday Gift for Husband/Wife After Wedding

There is a long tradition in our society regarding anniversaries. And when the day we celebrate one year, plus the start of a beautiful relationship ends, we usually show immense affection we feel for the other person in a symbol called gift. It might not be as expensive or what they had dreamed of, but it’s a detail and that’s what counts.

birthday gifts for wife on anniversary

Please know that the most beautiful is what this may mean for the person who has accompanied them during that time. It is an adventure shared by the two. And it’s nice that each passing year commemorate this union celebrating an anniversary. Some do not know that every year has a particular name. The idea of it is that you give away something about that item.

1st Birthday Gift for Husband/Wife After Wedding

Choose a memorable gift for your husband on their first wedding anniversary to show how much you love and appreciate him. Select to give a gift of traditional themes with a related theme paper, like a book or go with the modern theme gift watches and pamper a stylish watch.

Traditional paper gifts

Choose a gift traditional theme of paper for her husband, related to their personal interests and hobbies. Give tickets to an upcoming concert music of a band he likes or a pair of tickets to a game of your favorite team, for a gift you can both enjoy and attend together. Other options include paper gift books, artwork, gift cards and an envelope full of cash, they can go buy something he wants at your favorite store.

Unique Paper Gifts

Give your husband a theme gift for your anniversary unique role by creating customised coupons romantic or sentimental memories book. Create romantic for him by cutting colored paper into squares and write custom messages that can be redeemed coupons. It includes activities such as massage, breakfast in bed, ideas and intimate activities date night with you for him to enjoy. Another option only role would be to create a scrapbook of chronicles of your first year of marriage, along with your favorite photos and stories written by hand, including memories and thoughts about him special.

Modern gifts clock

Select a gift from the modern theme-related watches her husband to celebrate their first year together. Buy a watch fashion watch, pocket watch or desktop and give it a personal touch, have it engraved with your name, favorite quote or your wedding date. Other options would be a wall clock for your home or office or an elaborate wall clock.

Unique Gifts Clock

Opting to give a loving husband nature themed gift unique watch with a sundial outdoors for your garden. Sundials come in a variety of colors and styles and an instant focal point to any patio or outdoor garden. For a husband who is a fan of technology, select Wake Up a modern gadget. There are a variety of unique watches available that make options such as display the time on the ceiling and roll around the room when the alarm goes off until they are captured.

Photo collage / slideshow

It would be great if you can challenge all your gift. this will be easy to meet.

No longer will you need to have experience in photo editing and writing. Since there is a service that will do that for you. With it you can create phenomenal photo slideshows and video messages. you are reading First Birthday Gift for Husband/Wife After Wedding  post and to know about birthday gift ideas for women check here.

One of the services that I found for this is called Minute of Life . One of the most interesting features of this service is that it gives you the ability to send messages to the future as well as create video messages in Augmented Reality, which could be placed in any type of objects.

Only will you need to collect all the photos for example wedding or when they began their relationship, their childhood, pictures of vacation they have had together and other events. Try not to put many wedding photos as safe as someone hiso this after the wedding.

Spa Treatment

Give her beautiful memories, which she appreciated and always come back to him.

Of course a wedding is fun, but would much preparation of the bride and groom, even after the celebration.

Sure they went through a lot the day before the wedding and it sure went through a lot of experience of festivals, rituals that make art of preparation for the wedding.

A good gift that can never be more than enough, would be a day at a spa. Help her to relax and rejuvenate. You could do this as a double coupon, so she can have some relaxation time with her husband.


Have you thought on giving various kitchen objects? But before making this gift, make sure she does not find such gifts received for his wedding.

This is where you will have advantage. Many wedding gifts can be repeated as givers do not know what other people bring. Or that are planning to give gift for his birthday his friends.

You get to see everything you have given, so you know what you have to give him or what he lacks.

Accessories and Decorative Object for Home 

Go and buy some home accessories and decorative objects, which adorn the house. This could be tables, bedside lamps, vasas for flowers, ceramics, showpieces and musical clocks. Not that you can not go by a set for lemons, tea, dinner set, a bowl as an addition to the main gift. You could also introduce religious or romantic books, depends on the genre is that she likes to read. One to help her with her new married life.

Tell me which of these gifts is that you regard as the most appropriate for the 1st birthday gift for your husband/wife after wedding . I’m sure this is not the first birthday you will do it, so it would be a good idea to you to share your ideas with us.

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