Best Happy Birthday wishes, Greetings for a Nephew

Best Happy Birthday wishes, Greetings for a Nephew

Do you wanna wish happy birthday wishes to your nephew on a call or from a whatsapp message? In case you have several nephews, and while you love them all the same, there is always that one nephew who you like more than others. Either because you see himself as the mini you, or for any other reason, of all the nephews you always like that one more. So you have to find birthday quotes for a special nephew , which when he notices he understands your affection on him. It is in human nature that we always pick one favorite among a group, may be because you get along well with them or its fun to be around them. In fact, it’s the same in parenthood as well, in which each parent always has a favorite child. A good wish will definitely make your special nephew feel good and also doesn’t make the other nephews feel bad that you have more affection on this one. Also do check out the birthday wishes for girlfriend.

Best wishes for a nephew for his birthday day

  • My dear nephew (name your nephew) today (his birthday) I wish you have a happy birthday in the company of your beautiful family, your pretty mama (mother’s name) and God . May God bless you with many more years dear nephew . Have fun and eat as much cake as you can today. But more importantly Party hard. I love you. Kisses.your aunt
  • The maturity and wisdom that you have developed over the years make me feel happy and proud, and also your parents. I know everything is going to be great, especially now that you are celebrating another year of life making everyone happy. Congratulations
  • Usually I do not remember Birthdays, but I always make an exception for you, how will i forget the day of your birth, if was filled with moments of happiness as far as i remember. And on this day that you celebrate another year of life with all your loved ones, i wish you lots of success and achievements. Have a happy birthday dear. also check our post Happy Birthday wishes for lover.
  • Dear nephew: A really strong hug and a big kiss on this special birthday day from me, I pray to the Almighty that he fills you with blessings, and happiness. Always remember that your aunt loves you (your name)
  • It is not always easy to pick a favorite friend, the best pair of heels or your favorite celebrity. But a nephew? Oh, I could just close my eyes and pick your name.

Happy Birthday wishes, Greetings for a Nephew (Men/Women) :

  • Starting today, I will change your name as GPS. Do you know why? Because you’re the only person I’m looking forward to pamper, and you need some of that in your life. Congratulations for being so special in my life dear nephew
  • Greetings to my nephew, who as a child shared games, sorrows and joys with me. now one more year passes , but my affection for you will always increase. Have a very happy day
  • Who needs YouTube video tutorials when you have the most intelligent, mature and wise nephew at home? Thanks for giving me advice about almost everything. happy birthday nephew.
  • There are very few people in life who I can share my darkest secrets and most embarrassing moments. For me, that person has always been you. That’s why I appreciate having a nephew like you
  • You are the nephew who i always wanted . Today it is your birthday celebrate it great and i wish you many more birthdays to come
  • Dear nephew it’s your birthday today so i want to wish you that all your dreams come true and that you are young you have enough courage to meet all your goals. Grow as a person and make progress.
  • You are already a year older today, but for me you will always be my little nephew., Happy birthday.
  • If you ever have a son I wish it were an exact replica of you, happy day dear nephew
  • One of the many joys of being a guy is that you can appreciate and acknowledge the presence of the nephews in life, and I’m very happy to be your uncle. Happy Birthday
  • <his name>, it’s hard to forget your birthday, it is difficult to express in words the happiness you bring to the family for being you. Never change your personality, always be humble and do not let challenges overcome the difficulties in your way. You are strong and you will know how to overcome them.

There’s lot of feelings inside a person when you wish him for a birthday, It’s not the wish he gets it’s more than what  can be expressed in words.

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