Happy Birthday Wishes to Sister [Elder and Younger]

February 9, 2017 - birthday wishes
Happy Birthday Wishes to Sister [Elder and Younger]

Looking for happy birthday wishes for your sister? When its our birthday we get very excited because we start receiving many wishes as signs of affection from our family and friends , so it is very important that we also do the same to them and show how much we love them by sending our birthday wish. below is a list of phrases to compliment your sister and express the love you feel for her.If you prefer getting her a gift then check our post Birthday Gifts for Sister : elder and younger sister to get unique gift ideas. Also read happy birthday wishes for boss.

Having an older sister is like having a second mother, because they always try to care and protect us from the bad things that can happen in life, so we must learn to be close and grateful to our sisters, in this case our first-sisters and for that today we prepared these beautiful messages to congratulate your older sister in her name-day , hopefully you will please everyone.

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happy birthday for sister

Birthday Wishes to Sister – Happy Birthday

  • Dear sister, I feel very happy because today is your birthday and I want to thank you for all you do for me. I wish you much happiness and may your goals be reached.
  • Thanks for being a great sister and understanding me, although I have never quite understood you. Happy Birthday .
  • I don’t talk to you every day any more, but you are still in my heart every day. Happy Birthday Sister.
  • Every day, I just pinch myself…because I’m so lucky to have the nicest, happiest, smartest, funniest and most supportive sister as my best friend
  • Despite our arguments and our differences, you are still the most important person in my life. Happy birthday, sis!
  • I have gone through very difficult times in my life but you’ve always been there for me, you have given me your time, your best tips and all your love. Dear sister, thanks for being so wonderful .Have a happy birthday.
  • We are siblings but with you I could find a great friendship and that’s why I love you so. My beautiful sister, today you are stepping into next year of your life and I want to congratulate you with all my heart.
  • It’s a real shame you find me away from home and can not go with you on your birthday but I want you to know that I love you and from a distance I send a big hug.
  • Maybe I do not tell you often, but I love you because you’re a wonderful sister. You are fulfilling another year and I want this year to pass very happy because you deserve it. Happy Birthday my beautiful sister. 
  • You’re my older sister and as such have always taken care of me, have advised me well and helped me overcome my weaknesses. so I want to thank you and tell you how much I love you. Have the happiest of all your birthdays. 
  • We are siblings and from childhood have always been together .Although there have been fights, we always end up reconciling with a big hug. My beautiful sister, I love you and I wish you a birthday filled with much happiness. 
  • Age is not important because what matters is how young we are by heart. My dear sister, today we are celebrating your birthday and do not forget to blow out the candles. You can make a wish and it shall be fulfilled.
  • Our parents worked hard to give us the best and thanks to them we had a happy childhood, now we are more united than ever and that’s why your birthday we’ll celebrate together. Dear sister, I want to congratulate you and wish you the best on your birthday. 
  • One of the greatest blessings God has given me is to have the most wonderful of all the sisters of the world. I want to tell you that I love you and I ask forgiveness for the times that I behaved badly with you. Have a beautiful birthday.
  • Thanks for being there when I feel lonely, when I need ideas, when I need to leave my dark side, when my family made me sideways thanks for being my big sister I love
  • We were in the same womb, first you and then, years later, I. Our little winged years, and today our paths, interests and friends have almost nothing in common.We were always different, but always were more than sisters, friends. And today is your birthday, here’s to the beautiful friendship we forged every day. Happy Birthday Dear Sister !!!
  • You are my partner, my friend, my protector and my confidant. When I needed you, you’ve been there and if you need me, you know I’m for you. Our path has been filled with good times, and also have overcome difficulties together, between fights and reconciliations have found that best friends will find neither in life nor beyond their jurisdictions. Happy birthday, sister!
  • You are the greatest of all my friends and also the most mature. Thank you for being understanding with me, sister. No matter how horrible been our fights, the truth is that I always loved you and I always will. Happy Birthday!!!
  • I’m not afraid to make mistakes because you’ll be close to correct me. So I hope mistakes throughout my life, you’re always close to me. I hope that this is the happiest day of your birthday, sister!
  • On your birthday, my dear sister, I would go back in time and slap me for every time I’ve hurt you. I wish you a very happy birthday and God puts all her love and warmth in you.
  • You have been the apple of our eye, the star of our lives, the hope of our future and the rest of our soul. You, my dear sister, are the jewel in the family. We love you and hope you have a beautiful birthday !!!
  • I always need you, for listening patiently, for sharing your time, your space, advise, I can never just ignore you for being my big sister
  • You gave me many things and took away many things too. You made me smile, mourn and fight, but never stopped taking care of me. I always will love you for that, my dear sister. I hope God will bless you with everything  you want.Have a great unforgettable day!
  • Despite all the arguments and all our differences , you know you’re one of the dearest people in my life. Happy Birthday
  • I am so proud to have you with me in good times and bad times.Congratulations on your birthday, I wish you the best sister
  • I thank God for blessing me with such a good sister like you, Congratulations on your birthday sister
  • Sisters have a special right.Freedom to share our deepest thoughts, the freedom to ask for favors and to show our emotions and just be ourselves. For that and more, my sweet sister … wish you a very Happy Birthday!
  • Having an older sister to look after me almost like my mom is beautiful, I love every day with you and see you as an example . I love you happy birthday

New Birthday Wishes for elder Sister :

  1. You’re very lucky (a) to have an older sister with whom you’ve shared good times? Then do you have a cute birthday by dedicating a nice greeting cards. Express to the great affection that you have the admiration you feel for her and congratulate her for being a good sister.
  2. If you are looking for special birthday messages to your sister, you’re in the right place. In this article I present a list that we have developed with many cute greetings for the birthday of my sister.Choose the sentence with more identify you and your sister.

For more birthday wishes don’t forget to check our archives.

10 happy birthday wishes to elder sister:

– “You have taught me many valuable lessons in my life. It’s actually a great blessing to have an older sister who is always by my side to give me their unconditional support. I love you sister and I wish you all the best on your birthday. “

– “You’re like my second mom, I love you my dear sister. I thank you because you are always aware of what happens to me and advise me with love. Wish You to spend a nice name day. “

– “I thank the Lord for having blessed such a special sister on whom I can always count on. You’re a great person and for that I admire a lot, you spend a nice birthday “.

– “Despite our age difference we understand much. I am very grateful that I always have your support and I know you love me a lot. I wish you many happy returns today on your birthday, may the Lord bless you very much. “

– “Dear sister on this important date want to say that I wish you all the best in the world. May all your dreams come true “.

– “I am very happy to have a sister who understands me and respects me. You’ve always shown me that you are a great person. I love you very much and hope you have a nice birthday in the company of your children and husband. “

– “My most tender childhood memories are with you, you’ve always been a very dedicated and loving sister. I send you a big hug from a distance and I wish you all the best because you deserve it. “

– “Time moves on and you’re still as fond of me as when I was a kid. I love my sister and on this day of your birthday I say God bless you and keep you happy always. “

– “Today I wish to thank you for all you do for me. You have taught me how important it is to love without expecting anything in return. You are a great example for me and I am very proud to be your younger sister. Have a nice birthday “.

– “Every day you show me that you love me so much, I love you so much sister in this day and hope you have a nice name day. Thanks for being so good to me. “

– “Many congratulations dear sister, you’re a great person and despite the challenges we’ve had always stood firm. May the Lord bless you always. “

– “Being such a special sister like you really is a great blessing girl. I love you despite the distance we will always be very close. I wish you many happy returns on your birthday. “

– “Happy birthday dear sister, may all your dreams come true and God give you long life. I wish to continue enjoying wonderful moments with you.”

A big sister will love that you spend one of these phrased cards on her birthday.

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